Persona Non Grata Update

Persona Non Grata is out now Buy here Money from sales goes to Shelter & Crisis Aid UK

Isabelle wants to make Fly on the Wall Poetry press sustainable and has set up a Indiegogo (with some great rewards!) to get your help. She has lots of aims for the press (She wants to publish chapbooks. See below for details! )

and it helps so many, so check it out, and if you can support the project.

Details on the Fly on the Wall Poetry Fundraiser:

The funds will be used for making Fly on the Wall Poetry a sustainable press – it will ensure that submissions are forever free, and that I can pay my contributors with both royalties and free books!

The funds will be specifically used for the following:

Artist fees for 2 chapbooks

Website fees for this year

Author copies and postage

Marketing my press effectively via print, online and facebook advertising

Keeping the webzine and submissions going forward forever free!

You will be able to access the following, based on your lovely donations:

Arts Marketing consultancy including an hour Skype call and 3 month customised marketing plan. I specialise in books, but have great experience in press coverage and online marketing.

Manuscript editing and proofreading – for free! I edit both poetry and prose.
Individual poem/short story feedback.
Free anthologies – Please Hear What I’m Not Saying or Persona Non Grata, delivered to your door.
Free chapbooks – I can currently offer my own work, Digging Holes To Another Continent, or This is not a Spectacle.

Submissions are now open too for chapbooks:

The rumours are true. Fly on the Wall Poetry will be publishing – at least – 2 Individual author collections, and I can’t wait to work in depth with some talented writers!

If you are an excited reader, you’ll have to wait patiently with a cup of tea, but you can support these future projects by giving to my press’ fundraiser here:

If you are an excited poet, you can submit your chapbook in the following windows:

November 1 – 30


December 15 – January 15

I’m a strong believer that literary presses should not hoard or forget about manuscripts, so the two weeks in between will allow me a reading period, to get back to you in as short a time as possible.

What am I looking for?

Poets who have a strong voice and style.

A manuscript with a theme or story arc.

Collections of between 25 and 50 poems.

Poets unafraid to make a statement about something; to make a mark.

Why Fly on the Wall Poetry for my book?

I work closely with my poets, to ensure that they are happy with the way their work is presented, and I will suggest ways of improving the work, where I feel it can be even stronger.

I will be providing both author copies and royalties and there are no hidden fees.

I will make sure the books are marketed to the highest standard, and work hard to promote them!

Keep your eye out on my website for the submission call! I’m looking forward to reading your work.


I have been surprised by some of the tweets popping up on my Twitter timeline about NaNoWriMo. Some writers seem to be spiralling into a panic, largely over the pressure of having to write every day and having to reach a certain amount of words. I will not devalue numbers by saying the numbers do not matter, because that is like saying words do not matter, but writing is supposed to be enjoyable (Ha, emphasis on the supposed)

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year because I need to start writing again and if at the end of November I have some writing done that’s my goal reached. Sure, it would be wonderful to think I could have 50,000 words at the end but I am telling myself that goal is completely secondary.

Numbers are an odd thing. On social media certain bloggers like to celebrate a certain amount of followers they have reached and I’ll always agree four doughnuts is much better than having one, but …

Surely the engagement is what matters. How many people are you engaging with. Engagement is a huge thing for me, because of my anxiety and depression, the online community of poetry readers and book bloggers has greatly benefited me.
I remember reading in one of Matt Haig’s books ‘Wanting is also lacking. That is what ‘want’ means.’
Enjoy what you have. Live in the moment.

Isn’t that what you’ve got to do?

As long as the numbers have not become an unhealthy obsession.

I aim to post during November regular picture prompts that I have found on the internet. It might help spark an idea, and hopefully help you too.