My thoughts on The Half-Blood Prince

I realise how old these books are when I smell them, and they have THE OLD BOOK SMELL makes me feel so old (I’m 25 this year. WTF)

The Half-Blood Prince was not one of my favourites in this series on its release in 2005. It has grown on me. It feels like an aside novel, after the huge tome of the previous book and what takes place in the book which follows this one. That said, a lot happens. We visit Fred and George’s joke shop, we have a new teacher in Slughorn, more snogging, quidditch injuries, dodgy potion books and learning to jump into a hoop. Oh and Dumbledore starts telling Harry more information on Voldemort. Hooray. The ending in the cave matches the intensity of the scenes in the graveyard in The Goblet of Fire.

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should i write about this

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Self Diagnosed Autistic Adult by @autistic_clareybob

An insightful post

Actually Aspling


Well I always knew I was different. At school I found it hard to fit in, bullied for being quiet. But it wasn’t until recently, I found out about a big tell tale sign of Autism.

My Mum told me a few times that she thought my Dad had Aspergers Syndrome. Knowing him like I did, right till the end, I could totally see why. After he passed away, me & my Mum were having a heart to heart. That’s when she told me something I didn’t know about the start of my school life. Looking back at me as a small child, I’ve always known I was shy. What I didn’t know, was that I didn’t speak to a single child or teacher at school, until my last year of Infants school. So I would have been around 7 years old. My Mum said I would just smile…

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