Who Review. Horror of Fang Rock.


Usual Who, mysterious lights

The guy with the black moustache looks like Terry Jones in one of his Python roles

‘You said I would like Brighton. I do not.’ Leela.

One of these men are going to get killed, aren’t they?

I’m already feeling jumpy

That was an interesting conversation between Vince and Leela

Tom Baker has a great way of delivering his lines and that shit eating grin

What on earth is Leela doing, as the Doctor said playing tag in the fog

I think I can tell where this is going

‘The dead do not walk,’ Well, unless they’ve been possessed by some other alien life form



Something’s going to happen to Leela

Those are old looking life jackets, is this set in the past?

No alcohol allowed on the lighthouse, makes sense. Water and booze aren’t a good mix

I’m so envious of the Doctor’s coat

Another death to end the episode with?


It is Parmerdale isn’t it? I keep hearing the word parmesan. Maybe I’m hungry

Please don’t let anything happen to Vince

Destroying the means to contact the mainland, daft thing to do

That smile from Rueben is chilling

That’s one way of closing an episode


Oh no, Vince. How is Rueben back alive again?

Not going to miss Adelaide, irritating character

Oh no, I don’t like the voice of that alien


Fog, small sets, actors with accents and moustaches. The Horror of Fang Rock was atmospheric. Leela was great. Vince was handsome. The last 2 episodes lost my interest. Adelaide and the other men she arrived with added a subplot I don’t think was necessary. So many deaths. I thought throughout the episode Harker was called Parker. I’m no good with names or getting them to stick with a face.




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