Who Review. The Invisible Enemy.

Ep. 1

What a great opening, spaceship in space

Why does that column in the Tardis wobble so alarmingly when it’s moving

This looks good visually

So those men on the ship, the relief crew that have landed on that bleak planet, have killed the three other crew members and presumably this is the invisible enemy that have taken over those men

Oh God, that’s the Doctor down

Don’t take a look Doctor

This reminds me of so many New Who episodes

Please tell me the Doctor is faking being affected

Those relief crew men are creepy, with whatever prosthetic they have around their eyes

So the remaining crew member Lowe has been affected too.

Ep. 2

‘I’m fighting for my mind,’

Is this going to backfire?


Tom Baker making kissy noises at K9

Love his character

Like that the Doctor is educating the professor Marius  

Oh shit, Lowe is going to infect everyone

Isoluthun ward?

I like the idea of the relationship between the Professor and K9

Don’t think you will have time to operate

Oh yes, leave Leela alone with the Doctor and K9


Ew, the Doctor is looking unwell

This has taken a strange turn

Ep. 3

Oh well, the Doctor boasting about his brain for 5 minutes while he rubbishes Leela’s instincts

Not K9. How do you make contact with a metal dog?

Did K9 hit Leela? Or was that just the wall he smacked into?

Should the cloned Doctor and Leela not be moving a bit quicker?

Oh no, not the Professor

Thank God, K9 has seen sense. That bump on the wall must have done him good

Nucleus of the swarm

Is that an arm and an eye?

Oh no, what is that?

Ep. 4

The Invisible Enemy should have stayed that way

Makes some noise, on arriving, that TARDIS, doesn’t it?

‘Shall we try using our intelligence?’ ‘Well, if you think that’s the right thing to do,’

Actually felt sorry for the poor shrimp at the end

K9 joins the TARDIS here



Compared to the previous story, I felt this one kept its pace well. Apart from when the Doctor was being cloned, fetching something from the TARDIS and Leela and K9 were hanging about, with dialogue padding. I mean, apart from all that.

I liked how this story looked. I wish we could have seen more of the Doctor being evil. I wasn’t expecting the Doctor and Leela to be sized down, so they could enter the Doctor’s head. K9 had a good debut. I liked Professor Marius. As with the previous story, I wish the enemy had remained invisible. Brian Grellis as Safran gave me the creeps. It appears from his TV credits, I have probably seen him in something else before. He seemed familiar.


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