Who Review. Image of the Fendahl

Ep. 1

I recognise these actors, handsome people

Ah big wooden panelled houses, very Doctor Who

It’s nice to see the outside on Who again

The skull is glowing

K9 is broken already

Are we going to Earth?

‘No, I was sent by the council’

That security man is from EastEnders, was I should say

‘I shall kill him’ ‘No, you’ll upset the dog’

I don’t think the Doctor likes Leela’s need for violence

Leela and the Doctor getting split up, you can bet on that

Ep. 2

Does Leela not feel the cold? She’s like me, running around in a t-shirt in the winter

Those mugs are a strange design

Mitchell security man. Thea the woman

Bloody hell

‘Thea we are trapped’ That’s some enunciation

There’s a coven, are there witches?

In through the front door

Max is a creepy man, knew you couldn’t trust him

Casually strolling through a house, munching on jelly bellies. Bellies? Babies.

Ep. 3

Ah, Leela saves the Doctor

At least that doesn’t turn into an icky new Who romantic moment

John / gran

A lot of timey wimey stuff

At least this Doctor is polite enough to say sorry when he starts shouting at Leela, I hadn’t noticed that before

‘Not a moment too soon,’ ‘No, moment too late,’

Ep. 4

That’s quite a look Thea has transformed into


Is that scarf different to his usual one?

Don’t look at the eyes

I’m not sure how much of a threat the Fendahl posed at the end

Have they changed clothes?



Third story into season 15 and I finally think I have seen a story which holds up well across all 4 of its episodes. There were a lot of handsome actors in this story. I thought Wanda Ventham, who played Thea, did a good job. I’m still bemused by Edward Arthur playing Adam Colby and the way he spoke. Did Adam and Thea have a thing going on? Also Dr. Fendelman called Adam Colby Adam and Colby at different parts of the story? I couldn’t keep up. Wouldn’t you have a preferred name for someone?

I’m not sure I understood parts of this story, but then I never do. I liked the dialogue, the relationship between this Doctor and Leela and the scenes of tramping through a foggy woodland because that’s so Doctor Who.



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