Who Review. The Sun Makers

Ep. 1

Taxes and not being able to make ends meet. Very relatable


I like that we’re starting to see more women characters in Doctor Who

This is all very violent




Ew, dirty fingernails

‘Going for a little hop, good for the circulation,’

Is that man erect?

The Collector looks like he’s doing his work with his nose 

I don’t know what to make of Richard Leech as Gatherer Hade, certainly an interesting character


Ep. 3

Oh yes, leave Leela. Well done lads

Bloody hell, Leela can make some noise. Gave me a start

‘Two days public holiday, without pay’

I do like what the Gatherer is wearing. I would wear that

‘This is the moment I get a real feeling of job satisfaction,’

He reminds me of Sil

Ep. 4

Did K9 miss a cue there? 

Is hypnotising a Time Lord trait? That’s what the Master does

He’s disappeared in a hole in his chair


I feel this could be a story you have on in the background, not needing to pay too much attention to it. I liked the dialogue on work, pay, capitalism, the economy and of The Company. On a wider scale of an entire planet. Although I suppose some companies do stretch across the world now. The Collector and the Gatherer were my two favourite characters. I think some of the secondary characters underwent a transformation of sorts. Especially Cordo. I liked Veet. I wonder what happened to Marn.


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