Who Review. Underworld.

Ep. 1

Not another ship

Time Lords

Eric looks like he’s going to be a problem

What just happened to Leela?

These guys have been regenerating for years

Hundred thousand years

The quest is the quest

That elderly gentleman looks knackered

Gets them out of danger then Jackson wants them to go back into it

JNT was already working on Doctor Who at this point?  He must have been doing the job for years

Ep. 2

It makes me wonder what it was for Tom Baker to have 7 years as the Doctor, having a regular job, going into work and acting with wobbly ship sets, quarries, Daleks and people in costumes

I don’t think an actor would do it for that long now

Or would be allowed to, unless they were liked by all and Who fans are pretty divided at the moment

Not much for Leela to do yet

Is the music trying to drum up excitement?

This story feels so muted

Is the Doctor looking for the crew

Or a way of stopping the gas?

Ep. 3

Blows and sucks were the only two words I heard there

What is that ship called – peace ebernee

‘No time? Don’t say that to me! I’m a Time Lord’

‘Don’t worry, he has saved many fathers’

Some good dialogue

K9 is so noisy

What is that, elevator music?

Taking the piss, surely

Is this the peace ebernee ship then

Those costumes of the guards are interesting

Why is the Doctor not running with everyone?

Eric having fun after years in space

‘We can make your brain boil inside your skull’ Lovely


It’s a trick

What is going on

The crew will leave without the Doctor and Leela and now they’ve got shot of K9 too


The Doctor is going to give the cylinders back so they can blow themselves up

The Doctor has been very patient and reassuring in this story

Jackson is happy to have his people blown to bits because of some added weight

Fuck sake



Well, thankfully the last 2 episodes of this story were not as bad as the first 2, otherwise I would have been sent to sleep. A standard Who adventure. There were a lot of static moments, where the story seemed to stall and got stuck. I liked how Baker’s Doctor was more reserved. Yes, the CSO was crap and I tried to ignore it.

No idea who the villain of the piece was and what will happen to the Minyans now?



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