Poem. Solitary.


walk out –

walk around town –

hood up &head bowed –

feeling so low today –

the canal is temptation –

stick to the towpaths –

everything has remained the same –

even after rain –

the paths are slick – wet – sludge

and the gate metal – slips – against my palm –

the branches of the trees – droop – lower – and glisten –

will the changes happen – take place –

a habit more than anything –

following the paths that i am so familiar with –

finding trees older than i –

creatures more wild than i –

the ghostly shapes of playground apparatus –

shrouded in an evening fog beginning to gather –

assurances of earth and nature –

i need before returning

to locked doors, enforced silence and conformity.

Photo by Sid Ali on Pexels.com

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Who Review. The Invisible Enemy.

Ep. 1

What a great opening, spaceship in space

Why does that column in the Tardis wobble so alarmingly when it’s moving

This looks good visually

So those men on the ship, the relief crew that have landed on that bleak planet, have killed the three other crew members and presumably this is the invisible enemy that have taken over those men

Oh God, that’s the Doctor down

Don’t take a look Doctor

This reminds me of so many New Who episodes

Please tell me the Doctor is faking being affected

Those relief crew men are creepy, with whatever prosthetic they have around their eyes

So the remaining crew member Lowe has been affected too.

Ep. 2

‘I’m fighting for my mind,’

Is this going to backfire?


Tom Baker making kissy noises at K9

Love his character

Like that the Doctor is educating the professor Marius  

Oh shit, Lowe is going to infect everyone

Isoluthun ward?

I like the idea of the relationship between the Professor and K9

Don’t think you will have time to operate

Oh yes, leave Leela alone with the Doctor and K9


Ew, the Doctor is looking unwell

This has taken a strange turn

Ep. 3

Oh well, the Doctor boasting about his brain for 5 minutes while he rubbishes Leela’s instincts

Not K9. How do you make contact with a metal dog?

Did K9 hit Leela? Or was that just the wall he smacked into?

Should the cloned Doctor and Leela not be moving a bit quicker?

Oh no, not the Professor

Thank God, K9 has seen sense. That bump on the wall must have done him good

Nucleus of the swarm

Is that an arm and an eye?

Oh no, what is that?

Ep. 4

The Invisible Enemy should have stayed that way

Makes some noise, on arriving, that TARDIS, doesn’t it?

‘Shall we try using our intelligence?’ ‘Well, if you think that’s the right thing to do,’

Actually felt sorry for the poor shrimp at the end

K9 joins the TARDIS here



Compared to the previous story, I felt this one kept its pace well. Apart from when the Doctor was being cloned, fetching something from the TARDIS and Leela and K9 were hanging about, with dialogue padding. I mean, apart from all that.

I liked how this story looked. I wish we could have seen more of the Doctor being evil. I wasn’t expecting the Doctor and Leela to be sized down, so they could enter the Doctor’s head. K9 had a good debut. I liked Professor Marius. As with the previous story, I wish the enemy had remained invisible. Brian Grellis as Safran gave me the creeps. It appears from his TV credits, I have probably seen him in something else before. He seemed familiar.


Who Review. Horror of Fang Rock.


Usual Who, mysterious lights

The guy with the black moustache looks like Terry Jones in one of his Python roles

‘You said I would like Brighton. I do not.’ Leela.

One of these men are going to get killed, aren’t they?

I’m already feeling jumpy

That was an interesting conversation between Vince and Leela

Tom Baker has a great way of delivering his lines and that shit eating grin

What on earth is Leela doing, as the Doctor said playing tag in the fog

I think I can tell where this is going

‘The dead do not walk,’ Well, unless they’ve been possessed by some other alien life form



Something’s going to happen to Leela

Those are old looking life jackets, is this set in the past?

No alcohol allowed on the lighthouse, makes sense. Water and booze aren’t a good mix

I’m so envious of the Doctor’s coat

Another death to end the episode with?


It is Parmerdale isn’t it? I keep hearing the word parmesan. Maybe I’m hungry

Please don’t let anything happen to Vince

Destroying the means to contact the mainland, daft thing to do

That smile from Rueben is chilling

That’s one way of closing an episode


Oh no, Vince. How is Rueben back alive again?

Not going to miss Adelaide, irritating character

Oh no, I don’t like the voice of that alien


Fog, small sets, actors with accents and moustaches. The Horror of Fang Rock was atmospheric. Leela was great. Vince was handsome. The last 2 episodes lost my interest. Adelaide and the other men she arrived with added a subplot I don’t think was necessary. So many deaths. I thought throughout the episode Harker was called Parker. I’m no good with names or getting them to stick with a face.




Book Review Roundup. Poetry, Sci-Fi & Fiction.

All of Me by Shannon O’Connor

‘isn’t it ironic how time changes memories what we do remember and what was once important fades away like it was nothing’

Loved the poems in this collection, I found them really easy to connect with. Solid, well written poetry.


On a Scale of 1 to 10 by Ceylan Scott

I had been looking forward to reading this for a while, and I finished reading it in one afternoon. I liked the story, I liked the characters (well, apart from Dr. Flores) and I loved the descriptions of a few of the characters and there were phrases or sentences in the writing that were so poetic and exciting to read (does that make sense?)
There were parts that could potentially be triggering for people. I’ve read a fair few books set in psychiatric hospitals and On a Scale of 1 to 10 ranks highly among them.


Doctor Who At Childhood’s End by Sophie Aldred

I enjoyed reading this. At Childhood’s End was a nostalgic ride through space, Perivale, and an alien planet. The 7th Doctor made an appearance, with his umbrella!
I do think the Doctor traveling with 3 people is a bit much. In this story, Graham and Ryan are great, but Yaz might as well not been there. Especially as the writers went down the path of there being jealousy between Ace and Yaz, which was briefly explored and then dropped. I loved this story asked questions about life after traveling with the Doctor, and how it might change you.
Ace is the main focus of this story and her character arc just never ends, does it?
She pinched an alien pod before UNIT could get their hands on it! The Squidget. Adorable.
I want more Ace stories like this.

‘Three suns sat like cigarette burns in the filthy tarpaulin of the sky’


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