Who Review. Time & the Rani.

Ep. 1

These titles –

Can we burn the previous Doctor’s clothes? They were awful.

His head looks like a potato

The collecting of geniuses

I have always liked Sylvester McCoy

This music has been … interesting

Ah, Mel has shoulder pads

Oh blimey

The Rani as Mel

She’s very good, the Rani

What’s she up to now

Don’t drink it Doctor

This episode has slowed down

‘Absence makes the nose grow longer’

That must be frightening, poor Mel.

Ep. 2

Oh the Doctor winks in these titles

Is Mel going to die

That man is going to rescue her. I still can’t tell if he plans to use her as a hostage or not

Make it alien: Purple sky

That’s a nice greeting

How many eyes does that creature have?

Well, this is lovely between Mel and the Doctor

The Rani has a Tardis

She likes triangles then.

Ep. 3

The heads of those creatures are impressive

The centre of leisure?

‘all good things come to a bend’

Those tongues. Christ, that gave me a start

I’m giggling at the idea of the centre of leisure

Are we about to find out –


A hologram ffs

A huge brain

Mel is in a predicament.

Ep. 4


Is the brain going to be blown up?


I enjoyed this story. Has the Rani been in another story? Because I haven’t seen that yet. I thought she was great. There were good moments in this. It looked good. Mel wasn’t too bad. I was expecting her to be. I loved the shoulder pads. Sylvester McCoy doesn’t seem to know how to play the Doctor. Despite that, he’s instantly likeable.


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