Who Review. Delta and the Bannermen.

Ep. 1

Well, that was exciting

Ken Dodd

A transformation arch

Mel should do well on that bus

These 2 Americans are agents?

Couldn’t afford Disneyland, do Wales instead

Burton seems familiar

That bloke with the sideburns and sunglasses on definitely looks suspect

Ah, Ray seems lovely

Of course, Murray has broken the crystal. Bound to happen

Billy has taken a shine to Mel’s roommate – do we know her name yet – she’s a queen – a shimmering queen? A dancing queen?

Ray’s heart is broken

‘I’d help anyone in trouble if I could’ Mel summed up

Something is hatching, makes sense why those men are anxious to get it back

‘I don’t just kill for money, it’s also something I enjoy,’ Eek

Ep. 2

Wow, that’s the end for him

Has more happened between the Queen and Billy off camera? It seems a bit much to immediately go into what she is running from and why she has a green maggot in her arms

Poor Billy only wanted a date, maybe a cuddle

Hugh Lloyd!

The maggot has turned into a baby!

Trust Mel to be asleep at what seems like an important part of the story

Oh the Queen is Delta

Can we swap Mel for Ray?

Is that what men were like in the 50s, accept a woman with a rapidly growing baby without blinking

Or maybe Billy likes babies

Mel looks great in the denim and bandana

The whole bus has gone

The white flag on the Vincent

Ep. 3

I like the flags on the back of the uniforms of some of the Bannermen

What is the purpose of the Americans and the Beekeeper in this story

What’s Billy up to  

Storming an empty house

That’s a clever trap

What is Billy’s motivation to go with Delta? Is he alright?

Ray gets the bike, I suppose that’s a better alternative.


I still cannot believe they blew up Murray’s bus. That was shocking. I loved this story. I liked the music, how it looks, where it is set and the guest actors. It’s interesting how the Doctor has to deal with a broken-hearted Ray. He doesn’t look too sure of himself. I am only perplexed by Delta and Billy’s relationship. Love is illogical though.

It’s a fun story. It makes my top 20.


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Doctor Who & An Unearthly Child. Book Review.

The first publication of the very first Doctor Who story. A strange girl who knows far more than she should about the past and the future… Two worried teachers whose curiosity leads them to a deserted junk yard, an extraordinary police box and a mysterious traveller known as the Doctor.

I know this story very well by now, having read and watched the story a few times. It is strange to think this is THE FIRST Who story, and how little has changed. The fact the core elements of Who have carried this show through half a century is remarkable and testament to the people who did the work to keep it going.

Of course, The Unearthly Child is by no means perfect and is probably a classic for me because it is The First. They were initially going for an educational show, so we have cavemen. It’s a fairly solid story.

I liked that 1963 pastoral care in schools involved 2 teachers gossiping about a pupil and then going to her home and waiting for her to arrive. Stalking, yeah. Another thing that I have not considered before is Susan is the Doctor’s granddaughter, so where are her parents and presumably his child? I wonder if they went for grandfather, instead of parent, because that was more kid friendly. Who knows?

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Who Review. Paradise Towers.

Ep. 1

These two are an odd pairing


A tower block?

Wall scrawlers

They look like Nazis

Tilda and Tabby – why don’t I trust these two

That head caretaker looks familiar

The acting is a bit off

Pecs? Pex?

Ah, the man from the Good Life

The great – what

Ep. 2

This truly is awful

Very smart Doctor

Of course, he’s escaped, the guards are idiots

The cleaners aren’t too bad

What was that scream from the Doctor

I do feel for Sylvester, trying to be the Doctor and develop the character with all this tomfoolery at least it makes him look like a better actor than he is

‘Tell daddy’ this is hilarious poor Richard Briers

Oh and poor Pecs too

Bloody hell, they’re all having a mare

Do we cap this episode off with a classic Mel scream?

Yes, of course we do

And Tabby is played by Elizabeth Spriggs. I thought I recognized her.

Ep. 3

This is exciting I almost felt for Tabitha what a performance

Binliner and Fireescape the actors must have been chuffed with those roles

Why did Richard Briers get this role?

Hardly time for a swim Mel.

Ep. 4

So everyone is uniting, even the caretakers, even though the Kangs said they never would

‘It’s not a trick, is it’ of course, it is. Is that not obvious?

Oh well done Pecs.


Well, this was a fun story. I generally find something to like in every Who but this one, this one I wanted to rip the piss out of, which is a sign of a bad story. I liked the idea of the setting, and some of the characters, but the execution was something else. This had great actors in it. What was that from Richard Briers though? Having seen later McCoy stories, this story shows that there was a plan and this story was pushing Who towards some really great stuff. I appreciate that. If I was watching this in the year it was broadcast, I don’t know if I would have the same patience – not knowing if this was going to improve. But then Who has taught me a lot about faith and patience.  



opening a window is like something that you didn’t know you needed until you do
open the curtains and face the cold grey April sky
fumble with the catch
and shove open the window
breathe in air
and raindrops – splatter across my face
fresh air
knowing there is an alive world –
beating underneath surfaces
that i am a part of it – it – this world

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Who Review. Time & the Rani.

Ep. 1

These titles –

Can we burn the previous Doctor’s clothes? They were awful.

His head looks like a potato

The collecting of geniuses

I have always liked Sylvester McCoy

This music has been … interesting

Ah, Mel has shoulder pads

Oh blimey

The Rani as Mel

She’s very good, the Rani

What’s she up to now

Don’t drink it Doctor

This episode has slowed down

‘Absence makes the nose grow longer’

That must be frightening, poor Mel.

Ep. 2

Oh the Doctor winks in these titles

Is Mel going to die

That man is going to rescue her. I still can’t tell if he plans to use her as a hostage or not

Make it alien: Purple sky

That’s a nice greeting

How many eyes does that creature have?

Well, this is lovely between Mel and the Doctor

The Rani has a Tardis

She likes triangles then.

Ep. 3

The heads of those creatures are impressive

The centre of leisure?

‘all good things come to a bend’

Those tongues. Christ, that gave me a start

I’m giggling at the idea of the centre of leisure

Are we about to find out –


A hologram ffs

A huge brain

Mel is in a predicament.

Ep. 4


Is the brain going to be blown up?


I enjoyed this story. Has the Rani been in another story? Because I haven’t seen that yet. I thought she was great. There were good moments in this. It looked good. Mel wasn’t too bad. I was expecting her to be. I loved the shoulder pads. Sylvester McCoy doesn’t seem to know how to play the Doctor. Despite that, he’s instantly likeable.