Book Review. Poetry Collection – In a Dream you Saw a Way to Survive by Clementine Von Radics

Book Review

In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive

By Clementine Von Radics

IADYSAWTS is a collection of poetry on the grief of a relationship ending, which also explores family and mental illness. Carrie. A. Nation is a poem on addiction, and its legacy. For Vincent Van Gogh, Patron Saint of Psychotic Manic Depressives weaves Van Gogh’s story with the narrator’s diagnosis of manic depression. These are only two poems to pick out, there are so many I enjoyed in this collection. The poems are a mix of long and short. The stanzas in the poems are so well written, and so satisfying to read. The EMOTIONS this book took me through too. IADYSAWTS is one of my favourite collections of poetry.

Why am I always asked

to describe my madness

as though this condition was

not the absence of reason

and its language?

In a Dream you Saw a Way to Survive by Clementine Von Radics

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Well, this was a mess. Book Review. The Midwife’s Sister: The Story of Call The Midwife’s Jennifer Worth by her sister Christine.

Millions have fallen in love with Jennifer Worth and her experiences in the East End as chronicled in Call the Midwife but little is known about her life outside this period. Now, in this moving and evocative memoir, Jennifer’s sister, Christine, takes us from their early idyllic years to the cruelty and neglect they suffered after their parents divorced, from Jennifer being forced to leave home at fourteen to their training as nurses.

After leaving nursing Jennifer took up a career in music, her first love, and Christine became a sculptor, but through marriages and children, joy and heartbreak, their lives remained intertwined. Absorbing and emotional, The Midwife’s Sister by Christine Lee is testimony to an enduring bond between two extraordinary women.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

oh no, I have another negative book review.

ok. This was a difficult read. A very hard read.

The title is correct, the description of the book misleading.

The two sisters did not get on. Their childhood was fucking tough after the divorce of their parents. This isn’t Jenny’s story. She isn’t portrayed as the saint she was in The Call the Midwife books. God knows, we’re all flawed and given her background. She was thrown out at 15 and was in a secret relationship with an older man. The book lacks warmth. The copy I read needed editing. I didn’t enjoy the writing. It’s a long book. It is revealing. If you like Call the Midwife, this book may spoil it for you. I wondered at times what I was reading and why. I went into reading this not having looked at the blurb or the reviews and certainly didn’t expect what I read. The Midwife’s Sister was interesting.

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