something like hope

i could not find the key –

locked in a chamber

bumping into what my eyes could not see

arms out, reaching for

substance –

to know that something was there

with me, in my darkness

i shuffled on


i had acclimatised –

discovering solutions in what i had.

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opening a window is like something that you didn’t know you needed until you do
open the curtains and face the cold grey April sky
fumble with the catch
and shove open the window
breathe in air
and raindrops – splatter across my face
fresh air
knowing there is an alive world –
beating underneath surfaces
that i am a part of it – it – this world

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Poem. Solitary.


walk out –

walk around town –

hood up &head bowed –

feeling so low today –

the canal is temptation –

stick to the towpaths –

everything has remained the same –

even after rain –

the paths are slick – wet – sludge

and the gate metal – slips – against my palm –

the branches of the trees – droop – lower – and glisten –

will the changes happen – take place –

a habit more than anything –

following the paths that i am so familiar with –

finding trees older than i –

creatures more wild than i –

the ghostly shapes of playground apparatus –

shrouded in an evening fog beginning to gather –

assurances of earth and nature –

i need before returning

to locked doors, enforced silence and conformity.

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Joy is

fresh air / a breeze against my face / sunshine shadows / warmth / reading poetry / faded books / laughter / music / movement / rainbow colours / something discovered, something familiar /


Writer Shelby Leigh shared a prompt on Instagram asking what is joy to you? It was a good prompt to reflect on.