#PrideLibrary20: Introduction Post

June is going to be exciting!

Anniek's Library

Time for an exciting announcement!

As you probably know, June is Pride Month. Sadly, the pandemic is making it impossible to have in person celebrations. But of course we can still celebrate and share our pride online!

Last year, my friends Hâf @ The Library Looter, Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things and I hosted #PrideLibrary19, a challenge with prompts for every day of the month. I’m so excited to announce that we’re back with another Pride challenge: #PrideLibrary20. We hope you’ll join us again, for as few or as many days as you want!

How to participate?

You can participate on Instagram by taking pictures that suit the following prompts and then posting them on the set days using #PrideLibrary20. We’re hosting a giveaway along with the Instagram challenge as well, more info below!

You can also participate on your blog! To do so, you can write a…

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Unmasking Autism and Finding Self-Love – A Guest Post by Katie from @ Weird Sensitive Creatures

Actually Aspling

For almost the first 22 years of my life, I never knew I was autistic. I’m 25 right now.. and after over 3 years of self-identifying as autistic, I got my official diagnosis last year.

After someone I was dating at the time told me about Autism and suggested I was autistic, it all finally clicked. My whole life, I’d felt so different, but I’d never known why. Now, I felt like I was finally getting these much needed answers.

But the more I learned about Autism, the more apparent some other things became to me: I didn’t know myself and I didn’t know how to love myself.

See, I realized that I’d learned to subconsciously mask my autistic traits so that I could fit in and appear ‘normal’ to my peers. In the Autism community, this is known as masking, and it’s why so many autistics don’t realize they’re…

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15 x underrated animatiefilms die je gezien moet hebben!

A great list of animated films, some I had forgotten!

Koel hoofd, warm hart

Wie zegt dat animatiefilms voor kinderen zijn, kan duidelijk niet de kunst van animatie waarderen. Natuurlijk hebben we allemaal wel onze favoriete Disneyfilms – Dumbo in mijn geval – maar buiten de klassieke Disneyfilms zijn er nog zó veel anderen. Daarom deze blogpost, om een blik te schijnen op tal van animatiefilms die door de jaren heen (naar mijn mening) nog niet genoeg waardering hebben gekregen! Wie weet zitten er wel enkelen tussen die je meteen terug naar je jeugd katapulteren..

Klaus director broke all the animation traditions for Netflix ...15. Klaus (2019)

Klaus volgt het authentieke verhaal over Santa Clause, de kerstman dus! Waarbij een postbode en een speelgoedmaker samen een band smeden, om het volk uit een koude, kille stad opnieuw warm te maken.

14. Wallace and Gromit (1989-2008)

Wallace and Gromit | ウォレスとグルミット, グルミット, かわゆい
De films en tv reeks volgen de Britse, kaasverslaafde uitvinder Wallace, die samen woont met zijn stille maar loyale hond Gromit. Samen maken ze heel wat avonturen mee…

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Reading When the World is Not Thriving

A very useful, well written post by Brooke

So, we are all well aware by now that the world is not doing too well. Things aren’t great to say the least. We are living in an anxiety fuelled time, which doesn’t make creativity or concentrating particularly easy. Lots of people have been expressing their struggles with reading over the past few weeks, and I really relate. Studying English Literature as my degree means I couldn’t afford to stop reading completely, so I have had to come up with strategies to keep myself absorbing the words. Today, I want to share some of these tips in the hopes that maybe it will help a few people get reading again!

  • Be patient and forgiving with yourself. It is perfectly understandable that your IMG_5795brain is going ‘no thanks boo’ when presented with a book; it is too busy trying to process everything changing around us. Give yourself a little internal hug…

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I was an artist. Poem.


photo of person wearing yellow converse shoes
Photo by Toni Ferreira Ph on Pexels.com

sat on the edge of the bathtub
my feet, wet, in the rivers of the flowing cold water over my toes
as i dab in-between the tiles on the wall
with a damp cloth
occasionally sprizting it with
a black mould remover
catching the trail before
it slides down,
and soon
the smell of a swimming pool invades my nostrils
i gag


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