Hey you, yes you! Want to know about some great new books that are going to be released? Read on!

Oh dear, did that come across as a bit aggressive? Well, now you’re here I want to share some of the new books and pre-orders I’m excited about.

Fly on the Wall poetry press are releasing new titles by some very fine writers in 2019. The Covers are pretty snazzy too.

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Pre-Order Links

You, Yes you! A Narrative Poem by Sophie Bowns 29 pages 0.99(Kindle)


Don’t tell me to be Quiet Christina Hart 57 pages £1.50(kindle) £4.50(print)

Changing with the Tides Shelby Leigh Releases April 19th

Malignant Mirror Maze Releases 21st April Chronic Pixie Dream Girl Releases 31st May both by D. E. Kerr Goodreads Link

Valkyrie Sophie Elaine Hanson £2.29(Kindle) £4.97(Print) Releases 19th April


Bravery Nicholas Trandahl Kindle Pre-order Kindle £3.82 releases 24th April

Want more poetry? Try Here comes the Sun


Poet Showcase. Wanda Deglane.


I hope your week is going smoothly so far. I want to share with you a poet that is relatively new to me, Wanda Deglane. In her debut collection of poetry Rainlily she writes about the journey of healing from sexual assault. Something I am experiencing myself. Her poetry really is powerful, and raw.


You can read her writing at

Inside the Bell Jar Ghost Girl

Dodging the Rain In my Defense

You scrape yourself off your bed in the morning
And slog aimlessly through your day.
At night, you dance around your memories,
Letting them slip through your fingers
Again and again, hoping this time they don’t
Bubble back up to the surface, stinging and hissing
And if you touch them they’ll explode like firecrackers
Right in your hand.

Terse Journal Out-of-Body

Porridge Reporting a two-year-old Sexual Assault

The Regal Fox Love after the Storm

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Four Questions with Linda Crate ( @thysilverdoe )


Linda Crate


  1. Tell us about you, your writing (themes, influences, etc.)

I am the oldest of two children. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA USA but I grew up in a rural town called Conneautville. I graduated from Linesville High School in 2005. I went on to college, and graduated in December 2009 from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a degree in English-Literature.

Thematically, I write about a bunch of topics: how I was bullied as a girl,  about how I have been used and abused by so called friend or people who were supposed to care, sexual assault, about finding my voice and how I refuse to surrender it, self-love, politics, feminism, nature, and even the things that haunt and scare me among other things. I write fantasy, I write horror, and I write the weird. Almost everything I write fiction wise has a genre.

As far as my influences go everyone and everything I have ever read can inspire poems. The biggest players in the writing field that have done this are: Edgar Allan Poe, e.e. cummings, T.S. Eliot, Adrienne Rich, J.K. Rowling, Emily Dickinson, Anne Rice, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien. I am one of those writers that is inspired by mostly anything: nature, music, other books, other writers, etc. I think I am lucky in that way that inspiration can strike me anywhere and at any time.

2. What are some of the ways you promote your work, and do you find these add, or eat into, your time writing?

Promoting is always the hardest part for me. I don’t want to be overly zealous and promote too much because there are some writers that irritate me with how much they are constantly promoting, and I automatically tune them out. I don’t want people to do that to me.

So I post when the work comes out, obviously, and I periodically post to remind people that the book is still available or if there are any sales going on.

I find that these posts tend to eat into my writing time as I work a 40 hr job, as well, but I understand the necessity and need for it. If no one knows about your work, how will you be found? I just find it frustrating, that’s all. Especially when people refuse to help you promote and share.

3. What projects are you working on at present?

I’m currently working on a fantasy novel centering around a black female protagonist who happens to be an elf and a chapbook that I was going to call Reviled or Entitled, but I think will instead call by one of the names of another poems in the book: “even ugly girls are pretty”. Even Ugly Girls Are Pretty is a chapbook centered around the concept of body image, owning one’s body, and how frustrating it is that sometimes people feel “entitled” to one’s body when it is not their own. I’m also going to be submitting to presses where I could be published both online and in print for my poetry, short stories, essays, etc.

4. What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry has always been very meaningful to me. It is a way of making a statement without being interrupted. It is a way to find out about one’s self in relationship to the world. It is a way of telling someone something without being too in their face, just giving them another perspective or point of view they may not have otherwise considered. It is also a way to call attention to matters that are important that people don’t always like to talk about.

I like poetry because to me it is like music lyrics. It can be deep and meaningful or playful and immature, but there is always a statement to be made regardless of the format. The most important thing is being heard in a world that is sometimes too full of noise for my liking.


The chapbook My Wing Were Made to Fly is about the difficulties that sometimes arise in loving one’s self, pressing through fears and doubts to accomplish dreams, the importance of loving one’s self, of how one can only be themselves and to be anyone else would be a waste of who they are, the power and importance of dreams, how one must prove themselves to be of worth to themselves before they can convince anyone else they are worth it, of how sensitivity and kindness aren’t weaknesses but rather strengths, and how one cannot be caught up in comparisons or the negativity opinions of others if they wish to press on with their dreams.


Four Questions with D. E. Kerr ( @d_e_kerr )


D. E. Kerr

  1. Tell us about you, and your writing (themes, influences etc.)

I’m a 23 year old Australian polyamorous woman who loves everything artistic, be it words, paintings, sketches, music, or anything else like that, although I only write. I write a lot of snarky, blunt, and/or sarcastic poetry because I see a lot of happy poetry or sad poetry but not as much angry poetry, and sometimes you just need to let those kinds of thoughts out on the page. All my poetry comes from my own experiences, but I have been influenced over the years by a lot of poets who write unapologetically about what they have experienced, showing what readers need to see, not necessarily  what they want to. For example, my debut collection is all about abuse. Do people want to read about the abuse someone has sustained? Probably not. Do people need to, to understand better how prevalent it is? I think so.

  1. What are some of the ways in which you promote your work, and do you find these add, or eat into, your time writing?

I promote on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook mainly, and also by word of mouth. I would definitely say it does at times eat into my writing time, but it is quite necessary  in order to maintain a following, especially because so many people use social media every day, so the more I promote, the more likely it is for people to see it due to different times online, which translates to better exposure.

  1. What projects are you working on at present?

I’m currently working on another poetry collection that is currently titled “Kaleidoscope____” as I am still unsure on the complete title. It will be about the beautiful things in life and healing from trauma. I also am working on a collection that will probably end up being a chapbook called “Monochromatic” which will have poems based around the feelings of certain colours, or at least how I view them. Both of those I am planning on being released in the next 18 months, as well as an anthology I am hoping on starting planning for too, so keep an eye out for that!

  1. What does poetry mean to you?

This is a really interesting question to me because the answer changes depending on the day, depending on my mood. Right now, poetry is the way I connect my scattered thoughts into actual coherent language. It’s how I make sense of the world and my mind. Poetry means everything to me.

Thanks for having me Katie!







TW. Poetry Files. POETRY IS HARD WITH KITTENS. Selected Poems by Martin Appleby of @PaperAndInkZine Worse things Happen at Sea




Selected Poems by Martin Appleby

Worse things Happen at Sea

I don’t understand everything

and I will never pretend to

You’ve been through things

that no one should ever experience

You say I am a good boyfriend

because I don’t hit you

That isn’t a very high bar

That is a very fucking low bar



(a kitten wrote that)

We live together

and we have kittens

and I’m funny

when I’m drunk

But I am terrified

of what happens next

When the booze

is no longer a joke

When not hitting you

is not enough

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