Here comes the Sun.

The second edition of my book Here Comes the Sun has had nine additional poems added to it. There’s prose, poetry, & micro-poems all reflecting on my travels. I want to get my poetry read, and hear people enjoy it, so the paperback is just £4 & it is 99p on Kindle.

Katie Lewington’s ‘Here Comes The Sun’, is a collection of reflective and frank, stripped-back poetry.

I enjoyed the nostalgia of poems such as, ‘Photo bomber’,

‘a wave
splashing over the backs of their feet
the ladies shriek
split open– a photo of the blurred summer memory.’

and nodded along to poems such as, ‘Wi-Fi’, which explores how addicted we all are, and the temporary or hollow relief we gain from using it.

S. Kenyon

Paperback / Kindle