Going back to the early 2000’s. What I read as a child.

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I spent a good chunk of time trying to find one of my favourite reads from my childhood last week and, after finding it, I went on to find other books that unlocked memories. I was born in 1995, not a time of great diversity in publishing if we’re looking at this list and as for Diary of a Chav <puffs out cheeks> I should mention a lot of these books I read because they were there and I could find them in charity shops or the public library. Trying to read a series of books (in order) proved impossible and I liked authors I knew had other books to read. I found comfort in familiarity.
I might try getting a hold of some of these books and re-reading them. Possibly setting myself up for disappointment.

  • Dustbin Baby – Jacqueline Wilson

  • The Granny Project – Anne Fine

  • The Famous Five – Enid Blyton

  • Diary of a Chav – Grace Dent

  • Just Henry – Michelle Magorian

  • Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman

  • Lucky Star – Cathy Cassidy

  • Ally’s World – Karen McCombie

  • The Babysitter’s Club – Ann. M. Martin

  • Blitzed – Robert Swindells

  • The Shell House – Linda Newbury

  • Pink Knickers Aren’t Cool – Jean Ure

  • There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath – Jeremy Strong

  • Matilda – Roald Daul

  • Lady Daisy – Dick King Smith

  • Trust me, I’m A Troublemaker – Pete Johnson

What do you think, have you read any of these books?

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Blog Tour. Akea – The Power of Destiny by Elizabeth Jade. My Review.

Akea – The Power of Destiny

Akea is born into a family of sled dogs and a life that follows a predictable path, but from the day she first sees the lone wolf, Kazakh, Akea knows her future lies beyond the safety of her home. Kazakh is well aware of Akea’s destiny and the pack laws he will break to help her reach it. Regardless of the challenges ahead, he must make sure this young husky will be ready, even if it means his life.

Youtube Author Readings

Reading from Chapter 1 (2 mins 44 secs)

Reading from Chapter 6 (2 mins 26 secs)

Reading from Chapter 10 (2 mins 17 secs)

Author Bio

Elizabeth Jade was born in North Yorkshire, England, in 1998 and moved with her family to Wellington when she was very young. Her early schooling did not go smoothly and she began home schooling at the age of 7. She stumbled into writing at the age of fourteen when she began to struggle with depression and anxiety, and quickly found her story ideas pouring out faster than she could get them onto paper. It wasn’t until the age of eighteen that she realised her struggles in school had been due to Aspergers Syndrome (an autistic spectrum disorder). She has always had a passion for animals and has volunteered at various animal rescues, so it seemed only natural that her stories would revolve around them.

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I enjoyed reading Akea very much. It was a simple story, with stripped back writing, a few twists and turns, and a satisfying finish too. I liked the family feel that the book had. The illustrations complimented the writing well. I could imagine Akea making a great television show. I liked the visuals. I can’t wait to read more from Elizabeth Jade!

(Thank you to Rachel at Random Resources and the author for providing me with a free copy of Akea for reviewing purposes)

Guest Post. Finding your Voice. Written by Sandi Smith, author of The Pumpkin Patch. #SandiSmith  #ThePumpkinPatch

Book Details:

Book Title: The Pumpkin Patch by Sandi Smith

Category: Adult Fiction, 316 pages

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Mindstir Media

Release date: November 5, 2017

Tour dates: June 25 to July 20, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13 + M

Book Description:

How can one small-minded, angry person destroy the lives of so many people in her path, connecting them all together in a game of destruction and heartbreak? It is possible, but what pushes a person to enjoy inflicting pain to such an extent, leaving a trail of hate, anger, and defeat behind her, which only seems to make her stronger and more satisfied. Ms. Terri Plotski, owner of the Authors’ Book Agency, is that person, who, unknowingly, with a single thread of hate, has connected the lives of a small group of people, bringing them together with one single common denominator. Anger. The anger from this small group of people is building, but it has nowhere to go, or does it? Ms. Terri Plotski, owner of Authors’ Book Agency, has gone missing.

To follow the tour, please visit Sandi Smith’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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Finding your voice.

Writing in First Person (or third). I think I generally write in the third person. I am an outsider looking in, trying to make everything work out. When I first started writing my children’s books, they were all written in verse. I loved poetry, and that was how I wrote. Some people respond well to the poetry, and then there are some who don’t. They would rather have conversations between two or three different people in the story (i.e., “where were you today?” or “I didn’t like that dress!”). I didn’t know how to do that. Recently, I took one of my children’s books, printed it out, read it, and then I started to rewrite it. I actually rewrote it in the first person style. It was fun! I had to work really hard at it, because three or four paragraphs would be in the first person style, and then I would switch right back over to third person (he went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. His sister stuck her tongue out at him.) It actually was really confusing and frustrating. I didn’t think I could do it. Again and again, everything would go smoothly, and I would be writing everything in the first person, but then two or three paragraphs later, again, I would be writing in the third person. I had to really pay attention to that. Once you get used to something, especially if that is the only way you would write, it is really difficult to change. But I liked the new style, so I am going to try to do more of it.

Meet the Author:

Sandi Smith spent her time as a young girl combing the shelves of the public library. She has always enjoyed the magic that books have to offer and was inspired by her high school English teacher, Mr. Coolidge to embrace the arts. The author found her calling as a writer early one morning as her first story came to her in the form of a poem. Since then she has written more than 15 children’s books, with her most popular series about the adventures of an adorable spider in the A.R. Achnid series.

Sandi is happily married to her inspiration and husband of 40 years, John. She continues to write for her two precious grandchildren. When she’s not penning a new story, Sandi and John like to camp, kayak and to enjoy the simple life in their home in Pembroke, NH.

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