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April is National Poetry Month! I believe poetry is for every month (as I’m sure plenty of people do) but what’s wrong with a special month just for poetry? Let’s celebrate it.

Four questions is my aim to feature as many poets as I can possibly get on this blog during the next four weeks, and perhaps beyond that.

Thank you to the writers below for answering my questions. I appreciate them taking the time to do so, and I do hope that you enjoy the insights into their writing lives as much as I did. The majority of the writers here are self-published or published by an independent press and need a little *extra* help in the marketing department, as we don’t have the budget or staff that traditional publishers might have to reach the readers that will take our words to their hearts. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing for us. Tell the people around you about us, share your favourite books once you have read them, engage in our social media posts, request your local library add a copy of an independently published book to their shelves, start a conversation!


I do hope you will find a new found love for a poet, or even poetry itself if you think that poetry isn’t for you, while reading these Q&As.

Please do use the share buttons, and help spread the love for poetry.

Thank you!

Writers featured so far

Sam Rose


editor of the Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine & author of Empowerthy

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