The Concept of Happiness

There are a few people I follow on Instagram who claim to be happy. Over the last few weeks I have come to think how are they happy? How do you be happy?
I am happy in moments, but my fine grip on routine and consistency means everything is fraught with worry. Recognising when I am in a moment of happiness is all well and good but then I ask what about, what if, what happens after etc.
It’s amazing to think of people being consistently happy. Living every day on an even keel. I cannot imagine the confidence that would give you. In fact, it makes me a little afraid to think about being happy. What if you lose it again? How difficult is it to keep a hold of?
I imagine happiness on a weekly, monthly basis must be normal. To be in a state of not thinking about the pitfalls. A person safely lodged into their own routine, amongst their friends, doing their own thing.

Any thoughts on this? How do you feel about being happy?



Am i ugly? by Michelle Elman

I love love love this book. I wasn’t hooked by the cover of the book but when I read the blurb and looked up Michelle on Instagram @scarrednotscared (she seems super awesome) I was persuaded to read the book. I am glad I did.

It also has in the end pages suggestions of other body positive books, which I will be looking out for (there goes my TBR again)

I follow quite a few people now on Instagram that call out diet culture and whatnot and it really is revolutionary.

Like the numbers on your clothes labels, diets, counting calories, VBO, fat shaming? NONE OF THAT CONTRIBUTES TO WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON. It is all a load of bollocks.

Yet we grow up believing this bollocks. It’s crazy how I used to think if I couldn’t fit into a size ten pair of jeans I thought I was fat and ugly. I would be miserable for days after. I even stopped silly dancing to crap pop music in my bedroom because I started to feel so self -conscious about the weight I was gaining a few years ago.

We’re a world obsessed with shrinking. WTF?