Why public libraries are great

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My local library was pretty much my second home growing up. I might have well worked there. A local library is always somewhere to find shelter. If I was bunking off school as a teenager, I would be in the library reading a book cover to cover. That’s how cool I was. Really.

You can go and pick up a book and borrow it for a certain length of time. You know there’s always someone in our lives telling us we have too many books? Well, with library books we can always say but these books are only temporary. Of course, you don’t tell them you will probably like some of these books and have to buy your own copy.

I can guarantee you will find a book that you didn’t expect to, and you can also find books you’ve probably heard hype about but aren’t sure you want to invest your money in yet.

There are also eBook libraries too, which has just added more books to my tbr pile to my honest and I must stop borrowing books from there. Someone confiscate my library card (not really)

You’ll find too not only books, but magazines, audiobooks and CDs. If you’re trying to save money, the library is the place to go.
I have learnt so much from the non-fiction books I have found in the library. Stars and celebrities and algebra and mental health and movies. If I wanted knowledge I went to my local library. It’s a good place to find out about local history too.
More so when I was a teenager, you can get away from technology in the library. You can feel the pleasure of taking a book off of a shelf, settling down into a chair, and reading for a couple of hours. Of course, these days libraries have computers and self-service machine for checking your books out and WI-FI, so the places are noisier. Someone ripped up those be quiet signs aeons ago unfortunately.

Libraries help and serve their communities too.
They have groups for mums and toddlers, as well as for people who want to learn to be more computer literate. In the summer they have the reading challenge for children of all ages to participate in.

The library welcomes all. If you need somewhere to go, the library is that place. It hasn’t priced people out either yet (it will eventually. Council cuts are killing the places) Hooray.


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A title out of context. Other Ways to Leave the Room.


I was looking at the receipt for the books I borrowed from my public library, and I was struck with a thought. That thought was taken out of context, and having not seen the cover of the book, or knowing its genre, a title can really mislead you. Don’t you think?
I had no idea which book Other Ways to Leave the Room was. Is it a dry and formal book on methods of how to leave a room in pages of bulleted lists? Or is Other Ways to Leave the Room a witty satire on inventive, and madcap ways you can leave a room; like exiting from the window instead, or blowing a hole into the wall, for example.
As it turned out, after a lengthy hunt through various reading piles, I found the book and that Other Ways to Leave the Room is a collection of collected poetry by the poets Kathleen Jamie, Don Paterson, and Nick Laird. I remembered I didn’t choose to borrow the book because of its title. The selection of poetry books in my public library is so poor anytime I see anything new I grab it and take out. Perhaps that’s why I wondered what on earth the book was on seeing the title on my receipt.

Stay tuned for another title out of context next week!

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We’re all Mad Here. The No-Nonsense Guide to Living with Social Anxiety. Claire Eastham.

I know I moan A LOT about my public library, because the selection of books they have is poor. (Don’t even get me started on the poetry section. It’s like they’ve Googled two of the biggest publishers of poetry, thought that will do nobody reads poetry anymore anyway, and just order their stock from them. )

But they did have this book. I have wanted to read this book for a long time, since I have been following Claire’s blog here

It took me all of four hours to read the book, and it did not disappoint. In fact, I feel lots better about my anxiety, and depression. I have been feeling alone for the vast majority of my life, and now I don’t?

I follow blogs like Ida https://aroundthewardin80days.com

Vixxy https://crazylittlethings.site/

The Anxiety Warrior https://anxiwarrior.wordpress.com

I follow people on Twitter @FoxInTheBox05 @CUnderwoodUK @RealMissAnxiety

And watch YouTubers Katy of @Invisible_i and Connor Ward @ConnorWardTalks

and I feel normal. Which is a strange feeling, and after spending years and years being told I’m fine, that I just have a chip on my shoulder, that I should get on with things. I feel like it’s ok to say I’m ill.