My Thoughts on Two Non-Fiction reads

Dry by Augustin Burroughs

Published by Atlantic Books



I think I prefer that second cover.

Dry is the story of Augustin, of his drinking which isn’t a problem, of entering rehab at the request of his employers, and then navigating life on the outside: sober. I highlighted this part – when Augustin began to realise the consequences of his drinking, demonstrated by the bottles that had piled up in his flat and on his return home, having to bag them all up. I liked that metaphoric imagery of the weight of drinking. (Looking too deeply into things again, Kate?)


‘I feel like I drank a bottle of wine. I even feel guilty,’
‘Exactly,’ I say, relieved that he feels it too. Relieved that I am not the only one who is so unaccustomed to happiness and the feeling of impending punishment that follows.’

Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller

Published by Amazon Publishing


Coming Clean is a well written memoir, starting with stories from Kimberly’s childhood – then expanding on her family and her father: a hoarder. I liked how she wrote about hoarding realities vs the stereotypical images we have all seen depicted on televisions shows. It was a good read if you want a real, honest account on what it is like to live with and know a hoarder.

Thoughts on Footballing Memoirs by Cloughie, Taylor & Banks.

Originally published in 1980 and available now for the first time in forty years, With Clough, By Taylor is the definitive account of the partnership that revolutionised English football and the trade of the football manager.

With Clough, By Taylor

Published by Biteback
A story of the early relationship of the legendary football partnership of Clough and Taylor, their playing careers, their managerial careers, and the book caps off just as the pair were enjoying success with Nottingham Forest FC. The football club where the pair lifted numerous trophies.


Published by Penguin
A fascinating insight into the early traditions of football, thoroughly well researched, and well written. The book gives a balanced view of life in Sheffield in the 1940s, society and its changes during the war, and how football was consumed, and reflected society as it was then, by the working class. You have to admire the dedication, and hard work that Gordon Banks put into training himself into the amazing goalkeeper that he was for Chesterfield, Leicester, Stoke and England. Gordon Banks gives us his experiences of that ‘66 World Cup win and the subsequent strange goings on during the ‘70 World Cup in Mexico. Astonishing read.



My Thoughts on The Girl in the Dark by Angela Hart. Start from the end.

Melissa is a sweet-natured girl with a disturbing habit of running away and mixing with the wrong crowd. After she’s picked up by the police, and with nowhere else to go, she is locked in a secure unit with young offenders. Social Services beg specialist foster carer Angela to take her in, but can she keep the testing twelve-year-old safe? And will Angela ever learn what, or who, drove Melissa to run and hide, sometimes in the dead of night?

The Girl in the Dark by Angela Hart Published by Bluebird
You really need to read the end of this book before you begin from the start, as you never really know why Melissa, put into the care of foster carer Angela and husband Jonathan, is running away and going missing for weeks at a time until you read the final pages and learn of Angela’s suspicions and theory of why. Then you find little clues through the book and can see the evidence of what might have been happening to Melissa during her time in the care of Angela. Another great read from Angela Hart.



Am i ugly? by Michelle Elman

I love love love this book. I wasn’t hooked by the cover of the book but when I read the blurb and looked up Michelle on Instagram @scarrednotscared (she seems super awesome) I was persuaded to read the book. I am glad I did.

It also has in the end pages suggestions of other body positive books, which I will be looking out for (there goes my TBR again)

I follow quite a few people now on Instagram that call out diet culture and whatnot and it really is revolutionary.

Like the numbers on your clothes labels, diets, counting calories, VBO, fat shaming? NONE OF THAT CONTRIBUTES TO WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON. It is all a load of bollocks.

Yet we grow up believing this bollocks. It’s crazy how I used to think if I couldn’t fit into a size ten pair of jeans I thought I was fat and ugly. I would be miserable for days after. I even stopped silly dancing to crap pop music in my bedroom because I started to feel so self -conscious about the weight I was gaining a few years ago.

We’re a world obsessed with shrinking. WTF?



Why Would I Want to Follow the Lives of Famous People?

This is important to me. I am in the process of writing a book, a memoir of my experiences with depression and anxiety, amongst other subjects. I am drawing the material from diary entries, chapbooks, and poems I have written over the years. This poem was published by Selcouth Station in October last year. it is one of two longer mental health poems I have written. Whether I will self-publish this book, or find a publisher for it, or if it will be 50 pages or 500, or if it will take me 23 years or 53 to write I do not know. It is a slow and steady process. 

photo of dried roses
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Why Would I Want to Follow the Lives of Famous People?



i used to be baffled by Twitter

why would i want to follow the lives of famous people?

more than likely it was my desire to belong
which lead me to sign up

and after that

before all of that
a computer was in the front room
and that is where it stayed
Laptop’s were shared between siblings
Nokia’s were used for distraction – games
and a BBM was sent via Blackberry
i remember when the computer suite was opened
in school with much publicity
now it’s a given
there will be computers in every classroom

i would take long walks as a teenager
i was solitary
after a school day ended
i needed to clear my head

i was out for hours
rain or shine

i liked the way my muscles would ache –
i felt that I was growing stronger

i have mental health problems

perhaps social media
pushed open that door further

i never used to doubt myself so much

the anxiety festering

what am i missing

who am i not comparing myself with

brought in from the outside world
to the one with optical illusions

easily led by the
wrong influences

i have withered,
and wilted

my soul has died a little
in blackouts, vodka, and violence

allowed myself to be the puppet

had the imperious curse cast on me

and what i need now
is the time
and space
to clear my head
and grow

your concerns were not mine

i didn’t want them

i never did.

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