A Cashless Society

An important Campaign you should consider supporting.


In the UK, more and more companies and businesses are heading toward ‘cashless’ payments. Some places are refusing to accept cash at all, and many others make ‘contactless payments’ compulsory, for purchases of less that £30. Payment by cheque is also dying out, as many younger people now use apps to transfer money, or pay for things with their phones.

But what of those living hand to mouth, on a daily basis? Or older people who do not carry mobile phones, or cannot understand how to manage their finances online? For a large part of the population, cash is still their main way of making payments, and being able to see how much money they have left to get them through the week.

With this in mind, the consumer magazine ‘Which?’ is running an online petition to campaign against the removal of the option of cash payments in the UK…

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Poem by Karen Ankers Meeting at Euston.

Meeting at Euston

a girl with city faded eyes

excuses her request for a pound

says she’s never been on the streets before

tells me in a worn tobacco coated voice

she needs the money for a bus

as if I need a reason to be kind

the coin in my hand is bright

as she once was

has unquestioned value

as she once did


when her eyes and soul still shone

before promises and practised lies

took her light as deposit

on oxygen and pavement space

the metal that slides from my palm to hers

courts the sun

just for a second fairytale gold

illuminates the touch of our hands

and in that moment more is passed

than money

skin meets soul remembered skin

blood beats between us

each strengthening the other

in the time it would have taken

to turn and cross the road