#NaPoWriMo Time Reserved for the Writer: A Poem.

How’s everyone’s NaPoWriMo going? I am consuming a lot of toast, whilst writing in the early hours. Naturally inspiration struck!

Picture Courtesy of PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay.com

Time Reserved for the Writer

toast on the grill –
late night snack
use the knife
to spear each slice onto
shake it off
onto the plate –
warm –
just been washed

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Poetry Files. Poem. Wanting. From collection Pulling Words by Nicholas Trandahl.

Pulling Words
Nicholas Trandahl
My Review
His new collection Bravery can be pre-ordered here


Nicholas Trandahl’s Blog

“And I also reach joyfully skyward,
adorned digits raking at a future
that’s rosy with a sublime glow,”


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