good old desk – a poem

a desk was part of the bedroom furniture, as a child –

essential for completing homework on –

and making shapes with play-dough –

and as an adult – practical questions

do we need a desk, is there room?

can we really afford a desk?

use the coffee table for completing paperwork instead –

with laptops on – laps –

slumped on the sofa –

lack of concentration –

Kate ©

Who Are They?

the flat next door – at number 18 –

has been empty for some time  

and we had given up thinking that anybody was going to move in –

until they arrived –

in a small blue car – a pair of dice dangling in the windscreen  

with two garden chairs they pulled from the back seats

  which they left on the patio

and then their belongings in binbags

          which they piled onto the grass

until the car boot was empty –

we use the curtain for cover – through the window

trying to get a glimpse –

are they young – a couple – married –

do they play music at a loud volume at Midnight?

we’ll have to see.

Photo by Mike on

Kate (C)

Broken Pieces: A Poem

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