The Castle: 25th June Edition. Royal Rose mag.

Four amazing writers published in this edition of The Castle.

An Aside :

Elfie is a talented writer. Their chap Will You Still Love Me if I Love Her? is a must read.
Kristin Garth writes The Best sonnets.

Royal Rose

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Lexi Vranick blog post titled Empowerment Through Advocacy (or, How I Became a Mental Health Advocate)

I want to share a link with you, a blog post from Lexi Vranick titled Empowerment Through Advocacy (or, How I Became a Mental Health Advocate)

It isn’t easy to discuss the subjects of mental health and suicide. Lexi touches on that, giving insight into having depression, going to therapy, medication, the stigma attached to it all and advocacy and feeling empowered by talking and helping other people in the process. She also introduces her #MakeYourLight project. A well written piece and I would recommend you take a few minutes to read it.

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This is Not a Spectacle. Isabelle Kenyon.



A copy of the gorgeous second edition of This is Not a Spectacle by Isabelle Kenyon. 

She also writes flash fiction. Her flash fiction piece The News was published by Selcouth Station and I was blown away. Read it here

Find Isabelle on Twitter @Kenyon_Isabelle or at her website here 

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Hey you, yes you! Want to know about some great new books that are going to be released? Read on!

Oh dear, did that come across as a bit aggressive? Well, now you’re here I want to share some of the new books and pre-orders I’m excited about.

Fly on the Wall poetry press are releasing new titles by some very fine writers in 2019. The Covers are pretty snazzy too.

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Pre-Order Links

You, Yes you! A Narrative Poem by Sophie Bowns 29 pages 0.99(Kindle)


Don’t tell me to be Quiet Christina Hart 57 pages £1.50(kindle) £4.50(print)

Changing with the Tides Shelby Leigh Releases April 19th

Malignant Mirror Maze Releases 21st April Chronic Pixie Dream Girl Releases 31st May both by D. E. Kerr Goodreads Link

Valkyrie Sophie Elaine Hanson £2.29(Kindle) £4.97(Print) Releases 19th April


Bravery Nicholas Trandahl Kindle Pre-order Kindle £3.82 releases 24th April

Want more poetry? Try Here comes the Sun