Who Review. Season 15.

Season 15 Verdict

After watching this season, I can see why people say this was a transitional season.

I liked the humour, and the darkness of these stories. I loved Leela. She was the highlight of this season. Forget Sarah Jane, it’s all about Leela. I liked Tom Baker’s Doctor, until the Invasion of Time and then my opinion of him dropped again. I liked the threat of the aliens, rather than the visualisation of them. I didn’t realise K9 made his debut in this season, and I thought he added something. Not sure if that was a positive or negative. I liked the first 3 stories, but I felt some of the episodes were not as good as others. The Invasion of Time was a dud. I don’t think we need to see the Time Lords this often. Especially when they have narrow corridors, with chairs that clutter them. The Sunmakers was my favourite from season 15. I thought it was fun. I probably wouldn’t be in a hurry to watch it again, but it surprised me in a good way. 

Book Review Roundup. Poetry, Sci-Fi & Fiction.

All of Me by Shannon O’Connor

‘isn’t it ironic how time changes memories what we do remember and what was once important fades away like it was nothing’

Loved the poems in this collection, I found them really easy to connect with. Solid, well written poetry.


On a Scale of 1 to 10 by Ceylan Scott

I had been looking forward to reading this for a while, and I finished reading it in one afternoon. I liked the story, I liked the characters (well, apart from Dr. Flores) and I loved the descriptions of a few of the characters and there were phrases or sentences in the writing that were so poetic and exciting to read (does that make sense?)
There were parts that could potentially be triggering for people. I’ve read a fair few books set in psychiatric hospitals and On a Scale of 1 to 10 ranks highly among them.


Doctor Who At Childhood’s End by Sophie Aldred

I enjoyed reading this. At Childhood’s End was a nostalgic ride through space, Perivale, and an alien planet. The 7th Doctor made an appearance, with his umbrella!
I do think the Doctor traveling with 3 people is a bit much. In this story, Graham and Ryan are great, but Yaz might as well not been there. Especially as the writers went down the path of there being jealousy between Ace and Yaz, which was briefly explored and then dropped. I loved this story asked questions about life after traveling with the Doctor, and how it might change you.
Ace is the main focus of this story and her character arc just never ends, does it?
She pinched an alien pod before UNIT could get their hands on it! The Squidget. Adorable.
I want more Ace stories like this.

‘Three suns sat like cigarette burns in the filthy tarpaulin of the sky’


contains aff. links

A Who Review & a little bit about one of my first loves.

Doctor Who changed my life. I wasn’t an avid watcher when the iconic TV show returned in 2005, with Christopher Ecclestone as the time travelling Doctor, but t didn’t take me long to fall hard for the show though. One thing that the show taught me was that anything is possible, and that there is a lot more to our world than you could ever imagine. David Tennant played the role of the Doctor after Chris and during my teenage years, when I had depression and anxiety, the show became my escape.

The publishing imprint Target published books which were novelisations of Doctor Who episodes. They were first published in the sixties, and continued to be throughout the eighties, by various writers that had written episodes for the TV series. Nowadays that series of books have evolved, with a different publisher, hardback editions, and emerging writers writing the stories (a fan dream)


So I was a little bit excited to find that the original Target books had returned, and feature novelisations of Twenty-First century episodes. Rose was the episode that started it all in 2005 and will always have a place in my heart. I can remember vividly how bloody creepy the mannequins that creaked and smashed their way from shop windows and onto the streets of London were. The bits that were cut from the actual episode are included in the book and add something new to the story. It’s also nice to read the story from Rose’s perspective and get a little more background of her and boyfriend Mickey’s childhood and what it was like for them growing up. I am not a huge fan of Rose’s character. I always thought she would have been one of the mean girls in school. Avoid.

I feel so geeky writing this review, because I was routinely taken the piss out of at school for liking Doctor Who waaaay to much. 😂 😭

Honestly, if someone likes something, and wants to talk about it for a few hours just be encouraging, and kind, not like ‘ha ha, you’re weird,’ Some of us are too sensitive for this kind of ribbing.

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Links Love

More links love, a little bit earlier this week. Because I have quite a lot to share!

The Ink Pantry, six poems by Linda M. Crate

but it’s exhausting always being
on the look out
it’s tiring always having to think
of the worst case scenario—
they insist that there’s
no such thing as rape culture,
but if that were true
i wouldn’t be holding onto my keys
like a weapon
every time i leave my house;
don’t give me your ignorance or your perspective
give me a change so i can believe that
“not all men” are truly accepting
of our culture as is,
and all it’s many flaws

Cabildo Quarterly two poems by Sam Rose

Pussy Magic Heals poems by Rebecca Kokitus

my father used to warn me
about swallowing the pits of fruit
told me a cherry tree would grow in my belly
cherry falls out of me in the shower
hits the tub with a smack
and disappears down the drain

Cheap Pop Lit by Kristin Garth 14 & Kneeling

Guilty by Courtney LeBlanc at Broadkill Review

Tiny Flames Press three poems by Christopher Iacono

Internet Void Small Town Blues and other poems by Kara Goughnour

Three Visual poems at Rose Quartz Journal by Catherine Garbinsky

My Mouth, Mother of Ghosts by Kailey Tedesco at Goats Milk mag

The Awkward Mermaid prose piece Strangled Sun by Wanda Deglane

New Mag Mag poem Bystander by M. Stone

Collective Unrest Melting Wax & Watch the World Burn by Tianna Grosch

A very powerful piece at E’phemere Review by Caroline Grand-Clement


Vessel Press

Writers, whose writing I have fallen in love with. L. N. Holmes

Savannah Slone Ailey O Toole Elisabeth Horan

A Guest Post by Francesca Seopa at The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog When Things Don’t Sparkle Like They Used To. Never have I related so much to a piece of writing.

Selcouth Station editor Haley Jenkins In the Spotlight at Fly on the Wall Poetry

You, Me and Depression – A view from the Side – Lines by Esther Harrison at Riggwelter Press

Strix is open for submissions of fiction and poetry during September

Entropy have updated their list of Where to Submit for September, October, November

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