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i self-published this book a few years ago. i don’t write much poetry on love anymore, but reading these poems again has gotten me inspired. a lot of the poems in La La Love were written when i was younger, using Tumblr as a blog, was in a long distance relationship, a toxic relationship, so the poems reflect much of that. i learnt from writing these poems about poetry, about myself as a person &poet. so im still very fond of them. thinking about the Tumblr days reminds me about then i loved writing and sharing my writing with people and i just wanted to be read and connect. then other shit took over and almost took the love away. i got burnt out. i don’t think ill not ever be in love with poetry, or with writing. it remains the one way i can have conversations and connect with people and make my voice heard.

Why Would I Want to Follow the Lives of Famous People?

This is important to me. I am in the process of writing a book, a memoir of my experiences with depression and anxiety, amongst other subjects. I am drawing the material from diary entries, chapbooks, and poems I have written over the years. This poem was published by Selcouth Station in October last year. it is one of two longer mental health poems I have written. Whether I will self-publish this book, or find a publisher for it, or if it will be 50 pages or 500, or if it will take me 23 years or 53 to write I do not know. It is a slow and steady process. 

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Why Would I Want to Follow the Lives of Famous People?



i used to be baffled by Twitter

why would i want to follow the lives of famous people?

more than likely it was my desire to belong
which lead me to sign up

and after that

before all of that
a computer was in the front room
and that is where it stayed
Laptop’s were shared between siblings
Nokia’s were used for distraction – games
and a BBM was sent via Blackberry
i remember when the computer suite was opened
in school with much publicity
now it’s a given
there will be computers in every classroom

i would take long walks as a teenager
i was solitary
after a school day ended
i needed to clear my head

i was out for hours
rain or shine

i liked the way my muscles would ache –
i felt that I was growing stronger

i have mental health problems

perhaps social media
pushed open that door further

i never used to doubt myself so much

the anxiety festering

what am i missing

who am i not comparing myself with

brought in from the outside world
to the one with optical illusions

easily led by the
wrong influences

i have withered,
and wilted

my soul has died a little
in blackouts, vodka, and violence

allowed myself to be the puppet

had the imperious curse cast on me

and what i need now
is the time
and space
to clear my head
and grow

your concerns were not mine

i didn’t want them

i never did.

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Hey you, yes you! Want to know about some great new books that are going to be released? Read on!

Oh dear, did that come across as a bit aggressive? Well, now you’re here I want to share some of the new books and pre-orders I’m excited about.

Fly on the Wall poetry press are releasing new titles by some very fine writers in 2019. The Covers are pretty snazzy too.

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Pre-Order Links

You, Yes you! A Narrative Poem by Sophie Bowns 29 pages 0.99(Kindle)


Don’t tell me to be Quiet Christina Hart 57 pages £1.50(kindle) £4.50(print)

Changing with the Tides Shelby Leigh Releases April 19th

Malignant Mirror Maze Releases 21st April Chronic Pixie Dream Girl Releases 31st May both by D. E. Kerr Goodreads Link

Valkyrie Sophie Elaine Hanson £2.29(Kindle) £4.97(Print) Releases 19th April


Bravery Nicholas Trandahl Kindle Pre-order Kindle £3.82 releases 24th April

Want more poetry? Try Here comes the Sun


Fem lit.

I have been reading a few excellent fem lit books over the last few weeks. I am not entirely sold on calling them fem lit, but as a rule I don’t really like slapping genres on books, because they’re merely labels. Here are the books.

I only discovered feminism four, five years ago. I have grown up in a very working class, women are wives, and mothers etc. background. There were no role models.

I feel as if I have been under a rock. As Laura writes in Girl Up once you start seeing everyday sexism it’s like you have put on a 3D pair of glasses. Situations I have felt uncomfortable in, and should have spoken up in, now make sense. I had the right to say no.

The world has been against us for centuries!

A collection with a feminist ethos that cuts across race, gender identity, and sexuality.

Creative activists have reacted to the 2016 Presidential election in myriad ways. Editors Danielle Barnhart and Iris Mahan have drawn on their profound knowledge of the poetry scene to put together an extraordinary list of poets taking a feminist stance against the new authority. What began as an informal collaboration of like-minded poets–to be released as a handbound chapbook–has grown into something far more substantial and ambitious: a fully fledged anthology of women’s resistance, with a portion of proceeds supporting Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights.Representing the complexity and diversity of contemporary womanhood and bolstering the fight against racism, sexism, and violence, this collection unites powerful new writers, performers, and activists with established poets. Contributors include Denice Frohman, Elizabeth Acevedo, Sandra Beasley, Jericho Brown, Mahogany L. Browne, Danielle Chapman, Tyehimba Jess, Kimberly Johnson, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Maureen N. McLane, Joyce Peseroff, Mary Ruefle, Trish Salah, Patricia Smith, Anne Waldman, and Rachel Zucker.

They told you you need to be thin and beautiful.

They told you to wear longer skirts, avoid going out late at night and move in groups – never accept drinks from a stranger, and wear shoes you can run in more easily than heels.

They told you to wear just enough make-up to look presentable but not enough to be a slut; to dress to flatter your apple, pear, hourglass figure, but not to be too tarty.

They warned you that if you try to be strong, or take control, you’ll be shrill, bossy, a ballbreaker. Of course it’s fine for the boys, but you should know your place.

They told you ‘that’s not for girls’ – ‘take it as a compliment’ – ‘don’t rock the boat’ – ‘that’ll go straight to your hips’.

They told you ‘beauty is on the inside’, but you knew they didn’t really mean it.

Well screw that. I’m here to tell you something else.

Hilarious, jaunty and bold, GIRL UP exposes the truth about the pressures surrounding body image, the false representations in media, the complexities of a sex and relationships, the trials of social media and all the other lies they told us.

She Must be Mad explores coming-of-age: the pain and beauty of love, the relief and the agony of turning from girl to woman, the isolation of an untethered mind and the power and subjugation of the body.

Charly captures the formative experiences of today’s young women from the poignant to the prosaic in writing that is at once witty, wry and heartfelt. Wayward nights out that don’t go as planned; the righteous anger at those men with no talent or skill or smarts who occupy the most powerful positions in the world; the strange banality of madness and, of course, the hurt and indecision of unrequited love.For every woman surviving and thriving in today’s world, for every girl who feels too much; this is a call for communion, and you are not alone.

Poetry Files. So Much Noise, Poems. Marc Pietrzykowski. Every Tribe a Tongue

So Much Noise
Marc Pietrzykowski
Every Tribe a Tongue

We all of us must grow old and die and so
I better selfie the shit out of myself now, here,
In this bathroom mirror with my head
Pressed against the head of my bff, or not
Quite my bff, my bff for tonight, or whatever,
I don’t even know what I want, what I want
Is to not be afraid, not to die, not to live.

My bros and me blazing trees, checking out the hotties,
All said totally ironically. Pancake House!
The ceiling! I am broken and alone! Then start it all over again,
Because we all of us must grow old and die and so
I better vine the shit out of myself here, now,
Or no one will know I’m alive, none will know
That I lived and grew old and died within myself.

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