My Thoughts on She used to be on a Milk Carton by @KaileyTedesco



Genre Poetry

Pages 106

Publisher April Gloaming Publications


Release Date March 30th 2018

Average Rating ( 4.11 / 5 🌟


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I have seen mixed reviews for She used to be on a Milk Carton on Goodreads,  and the reason for that I think is because it’s a bit, well, strange.  I read the book for the first time, and thought what on earth.

It was on my third read that I began to recognise the themes, (mood rings, femininity, rosaries, etc.) and the messages in the poems. Of course, if you don’t enjoy a book don’t torture yourself, but I believe She used to be on a Milk Carton will take a few reads if it is not your usual brew. But don’t dismiss it straight away,  because by my fifth read I was in love with this wonderful book. The illustrations by Whitney Proper accompany the poems well.

‘shove the moon up your

crotch, let it light the way,’


it’s quite intriguing reading the poems, you do feel part of another world. There are poems with characters, others are set in places, and are the clearest of the poems, although they still seem otherworldly; such as in the haunting Asbury Park in the Off – Season, pieces of prose, and there are references to literature (Flowers in the Attic, The Shining) and even films.

Certainly one of the most unique reads I will read this year.


‘why, I wonder, is it so

hard to be untouched?’



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