Lexi Vranick blog post titled Empowerment Through Advocacy (or, How I Became a Mental Health Advocate)

I want to share a link with you, a blog post from Lexi Vranick titled Empowerment Through Advocacy (or, How I Became a Mental Health Advocate)

It isn’t easy to discuss the subjects of mental health and suicide. Lexi touches on that, giving insight into having depression, going to therapy, medication, the stigma attached to it all and advocacy and feeling empowered by talking and helping other people in the process. She also introduces her #MakeYourLight project. A well written piece and I would recommend you take a few minutes to read it.

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Poet Showcase. Wanda Deglane.


I hope your week is going smoothly so far. I want to share with you a poet that is relatively new to me, Wanda Deglane. In her debut collection of poetry Rainlily she writes about the journey of healing from sexual assault. Something I am experiencing myself. Her poetry really is powerful, and raw.


You can read her writing at

Inside the Bell Jar Ghost Girl

Dodging the Rain In my Defense

You scrape yourself off your bed in the morning
And slog aimlessly through your day.
At night, you dance around your memories,
Letting them slip through your fingers
Again and again, hoping this time they don’t
Bubble back up to the surface, stinging and hissing
And if you touch them they’ll explode like firecrackers
Right in your hand.

Terse Journal Out-of-Body

Porridge Reporting a two-year-old Sexual Assault

The Regal Fox Love after the Storm

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In case anyone needs this today. Poetry Files. Wandering Words. Bruce Kilarski. The Candle that Slowly Flickers.


Wandering Words

Bruce Kilarski

The Candle that Sadly Flickers

I see a candle that sadly flickers,

Her flame uncertain but alive.

She sputters from such savage drafts,

Her purpose almost gutters.

And when within a world of suns,

Her light seeems so surrended,

Unfelt, not seen by anyone.

An sadly she just doesn’t see

The life within her fire.

She doesn’t see her fragile flame,

She doesn’t see its wonder.

She could fly with chandeliers,

And light their thousand candles,

Or ignite impassioned blaze

In love that just grows higher.

Her flame could brighten any corner,

Or lighten empty ancient halls.

You see, my friends, she doesn’t see,

How precious is her simple flame,

That glows there on her candle.

And so I ask one thing from you,

My friends, who feel these words,

When you meet a candle flame,

Whose fire so sadly flickers.

Help them to stand straight and tall,

And help them keep their fire lit.