On Counselling

The thoughts I had before embarking on counselling sessions:

1. Feel this is a monumental experience that will either make or break the rest of my life
2. Immediately feel I’m fine now and I don’t need to talk to anyone
Anxiety (=fear) really does drive you to think the worst, doesn’t it?
I have now had two months of weekly counselling sessions and:
1. It will not break, it will make
2. You are not fine, and that’s ok. Once you start talking you will feel differently about those experiences you are ashamed, scared and unsure of. Then you can begin to move on.



Lexi Vranick blog post titled Empowerment Through Advocacy (or, How I Became a Mental Health Advocate)

I want to share a link with you, a blog post from Lexi Vranick titled Empowerment Through Advocacy (or, How I Became a Mental Health Advocate)

It isn’t easy to discuss the subjects of mental health and suicide. Lexi touches on that, giving insight into having depression, going to therapy, medication, the stigma attached to it all and advocacy and feeling empowered by talking and helping other people in the process. She also introduces her #MakeYourLight project. A well written piece and I would recommend you take a few minutes to read it.

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Photo by Rafael Pires on Pexels.com