Book Review. Wish Upon a Shell by Kay Correll & Summer at the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson.



After I read Almost Adults by Ali Pantony I read two other books of a similar genre.
Wish Upon a Shell by Kay Correll and Summer at the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson.

I downloaded Wish Upon a Shell purely because I loved the cover. I loved the images, the colours, the memories it evoked. The story wasn’t too bad either. It tells the story about a baker, called Julie and her life as the owner of a bakery on a small island in Florida. Alongside her are two friends, who also run their own businesses. They share the struggles of the hard work that goes into running a business that relies on summer tourist season. Reed Newman is the stranger that has come to the island to take time off work.
It was a very gentle romance. A well written story, with great characters.djsummer3d
Summer at the Comfort Food Café I downloaded a while ago. It was free, so. This story has six weeks of brilliance, it made me laugh and cry in equal measures. It is set near the Jurassic Coast, in Dorset and the whole setting was dreamlike. If I walked into the setting in this story I wouldn’t want to go- home. It sounded perfect. The Comfort Food Café I wish was a real place. Its characters, with their own pasts and stories, were perfect for this story. I liked how grief was a theme and covered loss, loneliness, moving on.

Setting was important in both books. I think a well described setting can make character more real because we can use our imaginations to see ourselves with the characters and it can make reading so much cosier somehow. Like you never want the book to end.

Physical Activity & Smells: Two things good for your health.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket, did the washing up, hoovered and scrubbed the drinks stain out of the carpet. That is how I spent my Sunday.


Housework is something I have grown to like over the last few years.
Sometimes with anxiety when it prevents you from going out housework can give you something positive to do. Sometimes, if I know I’m not going out after a hard week, waking up with a full list of chores to do can give me a purpose. It gives me a good workout. Three or four years ago I wouldn’t have thought I would be saying housework gets me out of bed in the morning, but isn’t that a sign things can change?


As anyone who knows me would tell you, I do like a nice smelling body wash. I clocked this in the supermarket and had to buy it. The packaging is so eye catching. I’m always dubious about products that promise a long lasting scent, but I used this body wash in the evening and I woke up smelling of papaya. Yay.
Smells like freshly washed bed sheets, mown grass, and buttered toast lift your mood.


I finished off with a glass of Robinson’s summer fruits squash. Yep, the best season of the year is upon us. Summer.

If you would like to read some seasonal poetry, maybe try my book Here Comes the Sun?