Who Review. The Invasion of Time.

Ep. 1

Is that a new dress for Leela or has it been bleached?

She’s learnt how to work the Tardis then

Those are some funky boots

These are the Time Lords, and Gallifrey?

There’s a swimming pool in the TARDIS

I’m lost here

Rasselon, matrix, council – president of –


Ep. 2

The design and costumes look good

Leela is the enemy now

‘Even the sonic screwdriver won’t get me out of this one’ said to the camera

Who is Borussa the one in aubergine robes?

Why would Leela trust the Doctor now?

She’s been locked out of the TARDIS

Why is the Doctor –

I don’t understand

What is K9 doing

Who is invading them?

That laugh by Tom Baker was frightening


Ep. 3

What are they, crackly tin foil?

Leela still trusts the Doctor

What are those green – chairs? in the corridors

The Vardans


A barbiran garden

Why must we continue to be reminded that Leela is a savage

First time outside of the citadel

Rodan being given some harsh reality. What a strange character to introduce to the story

The Doctor and those fucking jelly babies comic moments

Ep. 4

I don’t understand why the Doctor is behaving this way

Tom Baker has been fantastic in this

I like this conversation in the Tardis between the Doctor and Andred

Banishing Leela was part of the plan

Leela seems like she’s enjoying herself

It’s strange those she are with outside of the citadel are Gallifreyan but are so different to the those we have seen inside

Don’t these invaders suspect the Doctor is onto them 

The plan is to rescue the Doctor, isn’t it something that Leela has so much trust in the Doctor?

Hasn’t Leela been given a TARDIS key? That’s such a big thing in New Who

The voice of the leader Vardan is interesting

The Sontarans?

Ep. 5

These Time Lords always give the impression that they are up to something

‘Then you should remember your training in detachment’ ‘I’d rather care’


Ep. 6

This TARDIS interior looks naff

This seems like a very good story for a regeneration

If this is an old Tardis, what on earth do the new ones look like

There’s been plenty of people tramping about in the TARDIS in this story

That Sontaran mask looks – ? It looks terrible

I wonder which parts of the TARDIS previous companions liked and made their own corner


I spent a lot of this story confused by what was happening. I did enjoy the final two episodes, which were set in the TARDIS. Of course, it didn’t look, or feel, like the TARDIS at all.

Tom Baker was great. But. It felt like he was enjoying himself, like the line between Tom Baker the actor and Tom Baker as the Doctor character blurred, and I don’t know how much worse this story would have been if Tom Baker hadn’t been up for this. I said in my reaction, he had been playing this character for a while at this point and I don’t know how his ego was because Tom Baker is front and centre in every scene. It’s credit to Louise Jameson that she manages to be great, even when the writing for her character is suspect. 

The Sontarans were difficult to understand at times. I liked the scenes where they were chasing the Doctor through the TARDIS. They can be menacing.

There seems to be a lot of padding to this story, but it wasn’t too slow that I got bored.  Well, emphasis on the too.

What the fuck that ending with Leela was, I don’t know. The Doctor bringing another box out with K9 Mark 2 made me hate him. What kind of goodbye was that?


Who Review. The Sun Makers

Ep. 1

Taxes and not being able to make ends meet. Very relatable


I like that we’re starting to see more women characters in Doctor Who

This is all very violent




Ew, dirty fingernails

‘Going for a little hop, good for the circulation,’

Is that man erect?

The Collector looks like he’s doing his work with his nose 

I don’t know what to make of Richard Leech as Gatherer Hade, certainly an interesting character


Ep. 3

Oh yes, leave Leela. Well done lads

Bloody hell, Leela can make some noise. Gave me a start

‘Two days public holiday, without pay’

I do like what the Gatherer is wearing. I would wear that

‘This is the moment I get a real feeling of job satisfaction,’

He reminds me of Sil

Ep. 4

Did K9 miss a cue there? 

Is hypnotising a Time Lord trait? That’s what the Master does

He’s disappeared in a hole in his chair


I feel this could be a story you have on in the background, not needing to pay too much attention to it. I liked the dialogue on work, pay, capitalism, the economy and of The Company. On a wider scale of an entire planet. Although I suppose some companies do stretch across the world now. The Collector and the Gatherer were my two favourite characters. I think some of the secondary characters underwent a transformation of sorts. Especially Cordo. I liked Veet. I wonder what happened to Marn.


Who Review. Horror of Fang Rock.


Usual Who, mysterious lights

The guy with the black moustache looks like Terry Jones in one of his Python roles

‘You said I would like Brighton. I do not.’ Leela.

One of these men are going to get killed, aren’t they?

I’m already feeling jumpy

That was an interesting conversation between Vince and Leela

Tom Baker has a great way of delivering his lines and that shit eating grin

What on earth is Leela doing, as the Doctor said playing tag in the fog

I think I can tell where this is going

‘The dead do not walk,’ Well, unless they’ve been possessed by some other alien life form



Something’s going to happen to Leela

Those are old looking life jackets, is this set in the past?

No alcohol allowed on the lighthouse, makes sense. Water and booze aren’t a good mix

I’m so envious of the Doctor’s coat

Another death to end the episode with?


It is Parmerdale isn’t it? I keep hearing the word parmesan. Maybe I’m hungry

Please don’t let anything happen to Vince

Destroying the means to contact the mainland, daft thing to do

That smile from Rueben is chilling

That’s one way of closing an episode


Oh no, Vince. How is Rueben back alive again?

Not going to miss Adelaide, irritating character

Oh no, I don’t like the voice of that alien


Fog, small sets, actors with accents and moustaches. The Horror of Fang Rock was atmospheric. Leela was great. Vince was handsome. The last 2 episodes lost my interest. Adelaide and the other men she arrived with added a subplot I don’t think was necessary. So many deaths. I thought throughout the episode Harker was called Parker. I’m no good with names or getting them to stick with a face.