Hotel Life.


‘Lewington does it again, and proves why she’s one of my contemporary favorite voices. Honest observations in sparse lines that don’t shy from cynicism, sarcasm and the gritty truths that comprise day to day life.
As with many of Lewington’s chapbooks, this one is also themed, and is primarily focused on hotel room experiences.
Highly recommended!’ Nicholas Trandahl, author of Pulling Words, and Think of Me.


Hotel Life contains poems that were written whilst i was traveling, on scraps of paper that were to hand and that have now been hand made into a chapbook by CWP Collective press. There are forty poems. This is another one of my themed chapbooks, on hotel life – from the endless corridors, vending machines, and nightlife.

UK.£10 Int.£13 PayPal. (Don’t forget to include your address!)

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TW. Poetry Files. POETRY IS HARD WITH KITTENS. Selected Poems by Martin Appleby of @PaperAndInkZine Worse things Happen at Sea




Selected Poems by Martin Appleby

Worse things Happen at Sea

I don’t understand everything

and I will never pretend to

You’ve been through things

that no one should ever experience

You say I am a good boyfriend

because I don’t hit you

That isn’t a very high bar

That is a very fucking low bar



(a kitten wrote that)

We live together

and we have kittens

and I’m funny

when I’m drunk

But I am terrified

of what happens next

When the booze

is no longer a joke

When not hitting you

is not enough

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